Our Mission

Make Music LIVE! is a live streaming music series featuring Jazz, and  multicultural music traditions outside of the mainstream Pop/Rock format. There are four concerts in each series:

  • Jazz~Creative Music from the jazz tradition
  • North Indian Classical
  • Sacred Sounds ~Music that embraces the worlds wisdom and healing traditions
  • World Groove ~Creative music from all areas of the world including North America

Making Music LIVE is a livestreaming music series for a local and international internet audience featuring artists in jazz and world music genres. The series will consistently involve Bay Area musicians which includes artists from all around the world. The performances will mostly be recorded in Monterey, Ca. at Wavestreetstudios.  Concerts will be streamed live on the internet for audiences in the U.S and abroad as well as attended locally.


This series is intended to serve an informed listening audience that is looking for something beyond  industry pop and rock which has becoming increasingly formulaic. Concerts will be streamed live for free and will be able for viewing after the fact by subscription. This series focuses on creative music from  talented artists in each genre. You the listening audience will have access to live concert performances of skilled artists whom you may have never heard before. Your support helps up and coming artists find an audience to support that particular genre of music as well as the artists themselves. The artists by having their music presented over the internet to a potential audience of thousands of people will potentially gain much greater exposure than what they might reach through individual performances in clubs, house concerts, and even festivals.

Artistic Plan for the Next Year

The plan for the next year is to begin with 2 concerts per month, the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Since there are 4 concerts in each series it will take 2 months to complete 1 set of concerts.  There is the chance of adding a 5th concert to be called Americana featuring acoustic based music of North America.  As the series proves itself with an appreciative audience, eventually it could grow to 3 to 4 performances per month. Initially the plan is to do 4 series per year….a Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter series….with a month between each series to allow for planning and organizing the following series. Eventually with an enthusiastic and supportive membership we could do 4 concerts per month allowing up to 6 series per year.

Following is a description and rationale for the musical styles chosen for the series.


Indian Classical

In the San Francisco Bay Area are some of the most influential performers of Indian Classical Music. These artists have included the great Ali Akbar Khan, Zakir Hussain, Swapan Chowdury, G.S. Sachdev and others. The Ali Akbar Khan School of Music has been instructing students in this tradition since 1967. Ali Akbar Khan himself has passed on but his legacy and knowledge continues with his sons Alam Khan, Aashish Khan and many of his senior students who are exceptionally talented but find too few opportunities to perform. This great Indian Classical tradition deserves greater exposure. This music series is an opportunity to open the audience of the world wide web to the beauty and rich influence of this great musical tradition. Appreciation of these various world traditions also develops cultural understanding.
Some of the Bay area artists I hope to include in this series are: Alam Khan, Steve Oda, Bruce Hamm, Deepak Ram,  Krishna Bhatt , and others.

Sacred Sounds

This music series embraces the world’s wisdom/spiritual traditions with a focus on lyric based music that speaks to these wisdom traditions. The world at large has interest in music that unites with wisdom teachings as humanity looks for answers to the conflicts and problems of the world. Music that goes deeply into the heart of these wisdom traditions ultimately discovers a commonality that helps to bridge cultures.

Some of the artists I have in mind for this Sacred Sounds series are: Aradhna, Cyprian Consiglio, Gina Sala/Daniel Paul, Sukhawat Ali Khan and others.

Here is a link to see and hear the music of Aradhna