Dear Friends…at last the final concert of our first MakeMusicLIVE! series Deepak Ram and Friends is here for your viewing. Please enjoy and let us know how you like it.

Ismael and I are remixing the Pacific Coast Jazz Collective and upgrading the video image…we will post it here for you a little later today hopefully!



Dear friends of MakeMusicLIVE! We have videos of our first 4 concerts from our August  2015 series available for viewing. These videos have been made public currently. Please feel free to to clink on the video button above to view the concerts and also share with your friends. The last concert in the series “Deepak Ram and Friends” is now available for viewing. We hope you will agree that even with some of the technical challenges we encountered our concerts were a success in so many ways.  The music was of high caliber, the videos are enjoyable to watch and of high quality and the live audiences were very appreciative. The area where we will need improvement if we are to continue is in the financial department! If with your help we can get 200+ music lovers to subscribe or donate to the series we will be able to do more concerts. We are very grateful to have received a grant to get this project started but even with that the first series was financially in the red. To do a series like this with high quality audio/video with world class musicians requires a substantial cash outlay. These forms of music: Jazz, Indian Classical, Sacred Sounds and World Groove lie outside of the mainstream music business model and have a much smaller but very loyal fan base. The challenge before us if we are to continue is to connect with this fan base to get the support we need to continue with the next series. Please let me know if you have thoughts about how we can be more successful in serving music lovers around the world with this model. Thank you very much….Please click on the VIDEO link above to view the first 3 concerts. We would love to hear back from you with your thoughts on the series and ideas for the future.

Steve Robertson
March 15, 2016

MakeMusicLIVE! friends and subscribers we had a great show at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center with Deepak Ram and Friends but as has been the case throughout these first few shows there were issues with the streaming…this time because of cabling issues we ended up just using the computer camera and had just a mono audio. My apologies for the lack of quality on the live event but for those of you whom have subscribed in the next couple weeks we hope to have all 4 of these shows edited and posted for you. Please stay tuned. Yours, Steve Robertson

The final artist in the 1st MakeMusicLIVE series is Deepak Ram and Friends featuring Mimi Fox/ guitar, Dan Robbins/acoustic and electric basses and Steve Robertson drumset/tabla/percussion. This concert is put on by the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz this coming Thursday Aug. 27th at 7pm Tickets are available by calling 831 427 2227 or online at This concert will feature Deepaks music which is influenced by Indian Classical Music, Jazz, and a fusion of jazz and groove style as well as his interpretations of the music of John Coltrane.


Deepak Ram and Friends Thursday Aug. 27th Kuumbwa Jazz Center 831 427 2227

The 3rd concert in our series featured Cyprian Consiglio a monk and prior of the Camoldoli monastery in Big Sur. Cyprian’s “music and his teaching revolve around the ‘Universal Call to Contemplation’ through spirituality and the arts.” Joining him will be Joe Hebert on cello and Steve Robertson on tabla and percussion. You can view this concert in person or online but if you live locally we encourage you to attend. Tune in to this website on Sunday to access the link for online viewing. For tickets go to or call 1 800 838 3006, $20 advance or $22 at the door.

Cyprian Consiglio is our next featured artist in a concert titled “Universal Wisdom” this coming Sunday August 16th 7-9pm at Innerlight Center, 5630 Soquel Dr. in Soquel Ca. 95073. Cyprian’s “music and his teaching revolve around the Universal Call to Contemplation through spirituality and the arts.” Joining him will be Joe Hebert on cello and Steve Robertson on tabla and percussion. You can view this concert in person or online but if you live locally we encourage you to attend. Tune in to this website on Sunday to access the link for online viewing. For tickets go to or call 1 800 838 3006, $20 advance or $22 at the door.



Here is the link for the livestream viewing of this evenings concert. Enjoy!

Alam Khans performance this past Sunday in Monterey with Ravi Albright on tabla…was truly beautiful. Alams performance was a reminder that his father, Ali Akbar Khan Sahibs musical brilliance is still alive and well in the devoted hands of his son and disciple Alam. There are many other talented students of the Ali Akbar Khan School here in the Bay area that we hope to feature in future series.


This concert is now available for viewing by subscription. Your $5 subscription to view this concert helps support this series and these talented artists. You can also view the whole series of 4 concerts for just $15.  Your financial help is crucial to the success of this endeavor. If you love good music, keep in mind that viewing a concert of these dedicated artists cost about the same as a latte at your favorite coffee shop.

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Make Music LIVE! is a livestreaming music series that embraces music traditions outside of the mainstream music industry Pop/Rock format. Currently there are four concerts in each series:

  • Jazz- “Americas Classical Music”
  • Indian Classical
  • World Fusion ~Creative music from all areas of the world including North America
  • Sacred Sounds ~Music that embraces the worlds wisdom and healing traditions


MakeMusicLIVE! provides an online venue that will feature live concert performances of local, national and international artists performing in diverse genres. The series will consistently involve greater San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area musicians which will include artists from many countries. Performances will be recorded and attended locally in Monterey, California at Wavestreetstudios as well as streamed live for audiences in the U.S and abroad. By subscribing you gain access to live concerts by world class artists in 4 distinctly different genres. These genres of music are distinguished by the fact that they are not readily available in local clubs or bars. By becoming a subscriber to Make Music LIVE you help bring new and talented artists onto the global internet stage and keep alive music traditions that don’t fit the pop industry formula. The artists benefit by having their music livestreamed over the internet to an audience here in the states and abroad finding supporters in ‘far away’ places. Having a fan base that supports these non commercial forms of music can be the difference between a workable carreer as an artist or struggling to survive with a part time job. Subscribers and concert goers get the benefit of hearing and seeing music live in the making which is far more engaging than listening to a CD.  Please subscribe to MakeMusicLIVE! and gain access to view all concerts in the series by clicking on the Donation button below.





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